Monday through Friday from 9am - 12am

S.A.L. Mongui Maduro Foundation
Landhuis Rooi Catootje - P.O. Box 480 - Curaçao.

Collecting more than sixty years



The Mongui Maduro Collection was situated in no ordinary library. Until April 2010 this remarkable collection was housed in antique cabinets, admidst a household setting that appears to have changed little since the heyday of the plantation houses.
An antique dresser with a mirror and a complete set of bedroom furniture are but a few of the items which tastefully decorated the valuable documents in a complete room-setting. Precious, large mahogany cabinets and even an immaculate antique 19th century "fontein" (or wall-fountain) carefully complement the main room.

On April 7, 2010 the collection moved to the annex state-of-the-art building, The Ena Dankmeijer-Maduro Pavilion.

While the original collection of Mongui Maduro forms the basis of the library, new publications on the Antilles are constantly being acquired so that it will continue to be an authoritative source on the evolution of political, social and cultural history of the Netherlands Antilles and Curaçao in particular.



The library maintains:

  • An alphabetical main entry and secondary author card catalogue.
  • A separate subject entry card catalogue
  • An author and subject card index to periodicals
  • An index to periodical clippings

The collection consists of more than 10.000 books.
All catalogues are organized alphabetically by name of author. Professional librarians are in attendance every weekday morning.