Special collections

Event programs

These unique items of the collection are a real treasure and show the rich cultural and social life in clubs, theatres and other places dating from the 19th century.

This part of the collection is already digitalized and online available through our catalogue.

Invitation cards

These cards are a reflection of the festivities and celebrations in Curaçao like weddings, anniversaries,  baptisms and other social events and openings including celebrations of the Jewish community  dating from 1834 till nowadays.

A precious contribution to the cultural inheritance of the community of Curaçao


These extraordinary documents, often handmade and handwritten show the creativity of the people in those days and the rich and international cuisine of Curaçao Jewish families.
They date back from 1908.


The Mongui Maduro Library collection includes some old photo calendars and calendars from organizations, enterprises etc. from the past.
To mention a few:

  • Hebrew Calendar, London from 1838
  • Calendars from ‘Wit Gele Kruis’ 1951, 1954, 1955, 1967
  • Calendars from ‘De Curaçaosche Courant ‘ 1950 till 1974
  • Calendars from ‘N. V. Curaçaosche Petroleum Industrie Maatschappij’ 1958



These are a part of the special collections of Mongui Maduro Library as well and they individually and collectively, contain a great deal of information that can be of real value to researchers. These beautiful  postcards  from the beginning of the 20th-century are a true reflection and  nostalgic reminder of our society. They show photograps and paintings  of the buildings, squares, streets and shops in Willemstad , but also nice view of  the harbour, bridges, landscapes, beaches and nature.  They offer rich evidence of our culture and architecture as a visual record of the past.

Some  publishers of postcards in those days were:

  • Almacen La Fortuna, H.A.D.C.
  • A.D. Capriles & C
  • Julius L. Penha & Sons, Inc
  • Van Dorp
  • R.J. Dovale, Advertising
  • Foto Fischer
  • El Globo
  • Gebr. Jonckheer
  • Boekhandel Salas
  • Congregation Mikvé Israel-Emanuel



This collection consists of interesting maps like:

  • Kaart van Curaçao, door Baron R.F, van Raders, 1886
  • Kaart van Werbata, 1906-1909
  • Kaart van Curaçao uitgegeven door V.V.V., van R. J. Beaujon, 1915
  • Kaart van Curaçao, uitgegeven door de Hollansche Boekhandel, Curaçao, 1947
  • Basiskaarten van de Noordkant van Curaçao van Hato tot Noordkant ( zonder datum)



The collection Mongui Maduro Library also includes a few archives.
To mention:

The SNOA archives:
These are especially meant for people doing research on the Jewish families in Curaçao;1711-2007. For more information, please send us an email at: info@madurolibrary.org

Some OTHER archives:

  • Cohen Henriquez, Percy
  • Daal, Luis
  • Delvalle Hermanos/ El Globo
  • Langenfeld, Els
  • Maduro, Mongui
  • Schendel, Daphne van (waaronder ook documenten van Antoine Maduro)


Some PHOTO archives
The photo collection of the MML is special because it gives unique information about the life of Sephardic families on Curaçao from about 1860 until today. From this material it can be inferred that the mediated Jewish families in Curaçao already in the 19th century had many contacts in both Europe and America and were given the opportunity to travel from an early age.

  • Ben Smit
  • Lindbergh landing 1929
  • Wedding pictures sephardic families
  • Sephardic parties before 1925
  • S.E.L. Maduro & Sons NV


Music scores

Worth mentioning are some of the music scores of Charles Maduro:

  • Bella Jardinera = Lady of the garden
  • España
  • Flamingos
  • Mélodie Creole
  • Oh Señorita
  • Wilhelmina Marsch

Some music scores of other Antillean musicians:

  • Suspiros -Namias de Crastro
  • Welkom op Curaçao -G. Boskaljon-Ecker
  • Una naranjera -A.M. Capriles
  • Adios Querida and Que linda -Jacobo Palm
  • Anochi  ta di gala -Jacobo Palm
  • Dulce Scharlo -Jacobo Conrad