Museum Introduction

An overview of the Museum --Taking you to the past.

An overview of the Museum --Taking you to the past.

Entering plantation house Landhuis Rooi Catootje is like entering into a world where time has stood still and where one is almost overwhelmed by a sense of history.
The early 19th century plantation house Landhuis Rooi Catootje, one of Curacao’s historical monuments, houses a museum which displays antique furniture as well as many historic and unique objects. Each room contains exhibits of the memorabilia of the Maduro family.
The furnishings and objects in the house tell the story of four generations of the Maduro family.

Family photo gallery

  • Salomon Elias Levy Maduro
    Salomon Elias Levy Maduro

    Papa Monchi bought the plantation in 1853

  • Rebecca Curiel
    Rebecca Curiel

    Papa Monchi's wife

  • Emanuel Salomon Levy Maduro (Manchi)
    Emanuel Salomon Levy Maduro (Manchi)

    Manchi took over the supervision of the plantations, after the passing of his father Monchi in 1883

  • Salomon Abraham (Mongui) Levy Maduro
    Salomon Abraham (Mongui) Levy Maduro

    Mongui, fervent collector of documents relating to Curaçao and the Dutch West Indies.

  • Rachel Louise (Lou) Maduro-Brandao
    Rachel Louise (Lou) Maduro-Brandao

    Mongui's wife.

  • Ena Dankmeijer-Maduro
    Ena Dankmeijer-Maduro

    Mongui's daughter, and driving force behind Mongui Maduro Foundation

  • Emile Dankmeijer
    Emile Dankmeijer

    Ena's husband